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What is Infinite CU?
Our Story 
About Infinite CU
Infinite CU started off as a Group Fitness class on March 22nd, 2011. The class was created by owner Keybeck Song. For the first year, Infinite Group Classes were only taught by Keybeck himself and were offered just 3 days a week. Keybeck's unique approach to fitness is what makes Infinite different from anything else out there:
"My approach to fitness is that it should be fun, positive....and REAL. I work hard to find the balance of all three. I like to tell jokes, play awesome music, and make you feel like your working out with a good friend as opposed to an "instructor".  I continually find new ways to motivate and inspire our clients. You will leave an Infinite CU class feeling more positive about EVERY aspect of your life! At the same time, our workouts are REAL....meaning they REALLY do work! Every exercise features beginner to advanced modifications. Our classes are for EVERYBODY. Every fitness level, body type, age, gender, race, etc. can be seen working out alongside each other in a safe non-intimidating way! So no matter where you are in your fitness journey, you will be challenged and your body will see results." -Keybeck Song
Since then, Infinite CU has taken this approach and transformed from a single group class to many different types of classes with multiple time zones. New trainers have joined Team Infinite, many of whom started off as clients! We now offer class passes and membership options that give you UNLIMITED access to all our classes!


Our Philosophy

Start With Your Health
From day one, our philosophy has been to "Start With Your Health". Everybody has struggles. Everybody has things in life they need to change. Everybody has goals they need to go after. Sadly, most people in life NEVER reach their maximum potential. We get discouraged. We lose hope. We lack the energy. We don't have the self discipline. 
In order to accomplish any goal in your life, you should first "Start With Your Health". By taking control of your health, you will build self discipline, gain confidence, look better, feel better, live longer, and have the ENERGY to improve on all other aspects of life! 
Infinite CU is not a quick fix program. It is not a fad. It is not a magic pill or potion or elixir.  It is more than just fitness. It is more than just nutrition. It is more than just community support. Infinite CU is a lifestyle. We want you to develop healthy HABITS. We want to give you the tools to be healthy the rest of your life!
Our Core Values
Integrity, Humility, Generosity
Our core values are a reflection of Keybeck Song's own personal values. As a society, our greatest temptations are Pleasure, Power, & Possession.  Just watch any TV comercial and you will see at least one of these three temptations being pitched to you. In order to be successful not just in health but ALL aspects in life, you will need to learn how to delay gratification. Our core values are meant to counteract these temptations.
  1. Integrity: Avoid shortcuts. Do the right thing at all times. Even when nobody is watching.
  2. Humility: Check your Ego at the door. Be modest, respectful, and willing to learn. 
  3. Generosity: Help & encourage others. Be generous with your time, resources, & energy.
Our Mission
Infinite CU Mission Statement
"To empower people to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle through functional fitness, simplified nutrition, community support, & biblical wisdom which gives HOPE to also be successful in all other areas of life."


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