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Keybeck's Story

Keybeck performing a Kung Fu routine at age 12.

My background is in Martial Arts (Kung Fu). I started training at the ripe age of 4 1/2 yrs old. My dad was very "old school" and while most kids my age were sleeping in, I was up in the morning practicing kicks, punches, & even eating breakfast in a low horse stance! By the age of 13 I was instructing children classes and by the age of 15 I was leading Adult classes. By the age of 21, I had reached the level of 4th degree blackbelt.

Keybeck stationed in Iraq in 2004, while serving in the United States Marines Corps.In 2001, I joined the United States Marine Corps Reserves and served as a Infantry Squad Leader for 6 years. In 2004, I served a combat tour in Iraq. Because of my Kung Fu background, I would also sometimes assist in training Marines in calisthenics and close quarters combat. I completed my military service in 2007. Thanks to the GI Bill, I was able to pay for college and eventually graduated with a Bachelors in Marketing from Eastern Illinois University.






Shortly after returning from Iraq, my life started taking a slow downward spiral. Similar to when a college or high school athlete graduates from school and then loses the drive to 
compete.I had hit that "burn out" phase. I stopped training in Kung Fu and quit caring about my health. Year after year my health got worse.  At my heaviest, I was 50 lbs heavier than I am now.  (if you don't believe me, ask to see a photo!) During this time, I also struggled with alcohol, many other addictions, depression, anxiety, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), and went through a painful divorce. I was at my worst in early 2010....over weight, lethargic, divorced, in debt, pretty much a full blown alcoholic, horrible depression, and even thoughts of suicide. I literally was at the end of my ropes. 
I knew something needed to change. I picked up a Bible and restarted a relationship with God. I would pray everyday for strength and that He would show me a way out of the mess I was in...... and then one day a group of my friends issued out a Challenge. It was a summer challenge to see who could get in the best shape by the end of the Summer. Each of us would pick our own means of training. We would decide who was most fit by having some sort of event that would test our "Amazing feats of Strength"...LOL!  At the time, I was pretty out of shape and thought this crazy challenge couldn't do any harm, so I accepted.  I recalled that a friend of mine had bought some program called P90X.  I remember him saying it was tough and that he never could complete the program so I asked him if I could borrow it.....I had no idea what I was getting in to!


So on June 5th 2010, I started P90X (a 90 day home fitness DVD program) with my little brother. For 90 Days I kept "pushing play" and did not miss a single grueling and challenging workout. I followed the P90X nutrition guide to a T and started to enjoy being the "healthy one" at the dinner table! To say P90X changed my life is a understatement! It created a MONSTER! By the end of 90 Days I was 30 lbs lighter and my Fit test stats were through the roof! Oh and the "Amazing Feats of Strength" event never happened....I don't think any of them lasted over month! By the end of the summer they had all given up on the challenge and just crowned me the victor!
I wasn't done after the summer challenge either, after another round of P90X & Insanity I was in the absolute best shape of my life and then began developing my own custom workouts. These workouts were influenced by my Kung Fu/Marine Corps days and infused with modern day fitness! By this time, I was no longer dependent on alcohol and other addictions, my depression started going away, I regained mental clarity, and came away with a new outlook and purpose for life! I was truly transformed!
It wasn't long before people took notice and wanted to know if they could have some of my kool-aid too! So on March 22nd 2011, I began teaching a fitness class that I called Infinite. I would teach it at my dad's Kung Fu studio during times when there wasn't any marital art classes. I didn't want my class to just be about losing weight. I wanted to connect with PEOPLE. I wanted people to get the same experience out of fitness that I did. I wanted people to completely change their lives by first "Starting with You Health".  Just like I did. I had 4 people show up to that first class and it was a STRUGGLE at first to get people to come and to figure out exactly how I wanted to run my class. Those first 6 months I questioned many times if this was what I should be doing. But I kept at it. I knew that if this was something I was meant to do, then God would continue to show me the way . Currently, Infinite CU offers multiple types of classes, nutrition counseling, and an encouraging community!  It has been awesome to help so many others change their lives and to now develop others into group fitness trainers...so they can help people the same way I do. Back in 2010, I could not have imagined I would be doing this!
So that is my story....SO FAR. I still have much more that I want to and WILL do. I don't know where I will be 5 or even 10 years from now but I do know I will continue to help others with my "Start With Your Health" philosophy. Getting my life back through fitness has been amazing but it is 1000 times more rewarding to PAY IT FORWARD by helping others do the same! It's weird how God works in our lives.....and it doesn't always make sense. I'm so thankful that He has allowed me to turn my TEST in to a Testimony and my MESS into a life MESSAGE. 
P.S. Thanks to all of my Infi-NITES! I HONESTLY care about each and every one of you and I am truly thankful that you have chosen me as your trainer!
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