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Keybeck Song

Owner & Lead Trainer


Describe Yourself in 150 Characters or less: Addicted to helping others change their lives. Passionate about Fitness. A wannabe-be Comedian. A voice for the lost, the last, & the least. Forgiven!


Experience with Infinite CU: Shortly after experiencing my own personal fitness transformation, I created Infinite CU on March 22nd, 2011.  In doing so, I have discovered that God's purpose for my life is to SERVE others through health & fitness. My goal was (and still is) to lead others by helping them receive the same life changing experience from fitness that I received. I personally design the Infinite CU training schedule & a majority of our workouts.


My Fitness Background: I have been training myself or others pretty much my entire life. My 4 major influences are Traditional Kung Fu, P90X/Insanity, sports, & my experience in the Military. I love watching and playing all sports.  I've always been very competitive and competed in many wrestling and martial arts tournaments in Jr. High/High School.  Functional fitness, real food nutrition, & group support is the cornerstone of my fitness philosophy. Besides teaching Infinite boot camp classes, I am also an avid runner, love MMA conditioning, and extremely passionate about weight training. To feed my competitive drive, I continue to compete in many local 5k races. For fun, I like to go on hikes, trail runs, and participate in mud runs!


Credentials: 4th Degree Black Belt in Traditional Kung Fu, Former US Marine, P90X Certified, Insanity Certified, & CPR/AED Certified. 


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Tony Wessleman

Boot Camp Trainer  


Describe Yourself in 150 Characters or less:  I'm hooked on fitness and sharing my love of it with others.  I'm also proud father twin girls, Ashby and Korryn, born 18 November 2013 to myself and my beautiful wife Bess.


Experience with Infinite CU:  I've been with Infinite CU since November, 2012. I started out as an assistant trainer. I now train 3 classes a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sundays.


My Fitness Background:  I was always involved in sports as a child and young adult. I felt best while on the basketball court. My fitness training continued while I served in the Marines for 6 years, however my love for fitness truly came to surface in 2006. It helped me through some the darkest times in my life. I have completed several BeachBody home training programs such as P90X, P90X2, Insanity, Les Mills Combat, and Body Beast. I now love writing my own workouts and programs. When it's warm out, I love to invite friends and neighbors to my house for a workout. It's not unusual for somebody to drive through my neighborhood and witness a circuit workout taking place in my garage/driveway. Feel free to join me anytime for workout. The more the merrier. :)



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Tony Phetchareun

Fit Kids! Assistant Trainer

Marketing Assistant


Describe Yourself in 150 Characters or less: I’m an easy going guy. I enjoy helping others get to their fitness goals. I’m a goofy person that sings and dances all the time.


Experience with Infinite CU: During my weight loss journey I started to get bored with my mundane treadmill and elliptical workouts so I started looking for a new workout. I tried my first class and as they say: "the rest is history". Infinite provided me the motivation to get through the struggles of the weight loss journey. Infinite has changed my life for the better.


My Fitness Background: Being overweight for most of my life I was never really into fitness until recently. I have completed all Infinite CU boot camp classes. I also really like lifting heavy things; weight training has become a big passion of mine.



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Jeff Mozingo

Butts & Guts Instructor

Substitute Trainer


Describe Yourself in 150 Characters or less: This is the MOST difficult part of the whole process! I thought about asking my mother but I’m sure she would just shake her head  smiley!! 


Experience with Infinite CU: I have discovered that God's purpose for my life is to help and mentor others through health & fitness. This never really dawned on me until after listening to an audio from Graham Cooke ~ Living Your Truest Identity roughly about 2 years ago. My passion for fitness that was discovered, after having a lack of, became my ministry to help others receive the same life changing experience that I received from fitness. With the founder of Infinite CU having the same beliefs is why expanding my classes to be a part of Infinite CU feels like home.


My Fitness Background: I have gone from training for sports while I was young and in school to Military training straight out of High School to I’m completely done training to Holy Crap what have I become (might be hard for some to believe but I did let myself go for quite some time), to training like a mad man on my own using P90X,  Insanity, running and weight training. My major influence was my family and wanting to be around with the ability to function in life with them as well as not wanting to put a strain on the pallbearers should that time come. I love coaching baseball and football.  I know I have always been very competitive and I believe that is the drive that keeps me going but with where I am in life. The competition has transitioned from the fields that I once was on to a burning to be better than I was yesterday. Besides teaching Infinite classes in Champaign I also teach in 2 other locations. It is the group and the people that attend that push me harder so I can push them to become better.  One other passion I have is running OCR’s (obstacle course races), as well as real love/hate relationship with weights.

Credentials: Former US Army Military Police Officer with the 118th MP Company Airborne at the beautiful Ft Bragg NC. CPR/AED Certified,  P90X Certified Instructor.  Insanity Certified Instructor.
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Marcela Soundara  

Boot Camp Trainer


Experience with Infinite CU: I have been with Infinite for 3 years and going.


My Fitness Background:  I’m originally from Argentina. I have always been a fitness fanatic and kept active.  My weakness is running. Last April, I ran my first marathon and in May I did the tough mudder. In June I will be doing the Ragnar relay race. My dream goal is to run the Boston marathon. I always encourage people to give their best and be confident. I’m here to support, encourage and challenge you to feel stronger.  I believe there’s a fitness program for everyone out there. Remember to always start with your health!


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Lori White Beers

Subsitute Trainer


Describe Yourself in 150 Characters or less: Dedicated. Driven. Determined. Disciplined.


Experience with Infinite CU: I was working out at home in Garage Gym in 2012 and it finally got too cold. I really didn’t want to join a gym, I wanted something different and I happened to hear about Infinite CU through some friends. I found a wonderful group of people, many have become very good friends.


My Fitness Background: I got into fitness in college, one day I was walking through one of the large fitness facilities and I went by a room full of people doing low impact aerobics (this was 1992) to 60’s oldies music and I was hooked. I bought a pass that day for the class and I’ve been working out since. I love to vary my exercises, I do cycling, running, weightlifting, HIIT, circuits, I still do step aerobics from time to time. I love to move and I love to sweat. I love to motivate people to do the same. My favorite workouts are good old fashioned body weight exercises like push ups, pullups and squats. I also enjoy muddy obstacle course races, roller skating, and burpees.


Credentials: In the past I have taught step aerobics, group cycling, HIIT, circuits, and resistance training.


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Jill Shunk

Nutrition Consultant


About Me: I have a passion for helping others improve their lives through my two favorite topics: nutrition and exercise.  I grew up south of Champaign, on a small farm near Villa Grove.  I attended Southern Illinois University Carbondale for my BS degree in Human Nutrition & Dietetics where I also minored in Chemistry.  I then came back home for my master’s degree in Nutritional Sciences; studying diet and gut immunology in neonatal piglets.  Currently, I am completing my Dietetic Internship and will be a Registered Dietitian by May.  I am a member of the American Dietetic Association, Eastern Illinois Dietetic Association and Illinois Dietetic Association.  I am a firm believer in goal setting, some as big as competing in a Figure Competition in 2013 and others as small as getting a handle on my own peanut butter/dark chocolate addiction! I currently reside in Champaign and spend my free time with friends and family.  Feel free to contact me at jillmshunk@gmail.com for details regarding my consulting services. 



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Nathan Leever

Boot Camp Trainer 



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