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Infinite "Workout of the Day"


Missed class? Car troubles? Snowed in? Traveling? NO EXCUSE! Take Coach Keybeck with you! Our iWod's are meant to be performed just about anywhere with little to no equipment!  All you need is a PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone with internet/cellular access! Click on what type workout you want to do and get started! All 8 different iWods can be found below. Now quit reading and get MOVING!


iWod 1: Lower-Cardio-Core


iWod 2: Cardio Circuit


iWod 3: Upper-Cardio-Core


iWod 4: Cardio Circuit


iWod 5: Core


iWod 6: Core


iWod 7: Lower


iWod 8: Upper


The Infinite 8 Minute Shredder


This is the ultimate excuse buster workout! All you need is 8 minutes of time and a chair! Filmed from a small hotel room while traveling, Keybeck shows you how you can still get ripped no matter where you are! Click PLAY and get to WORK!